I’m Laura Nicole,

A British-Colombian social media strategist and influencer, with a passion to help businesses and entrepreneurs grow their presence online. Our aim is to help our clients reach their goals and execute their vision with strategic and effective content planning.

“How I Can Help?”

I have a passion for helping people wherever I can, and as my expertise is in social media, it has allowed me to find a current and successful method of helping people and their businesses flourish.


Whenever someone starts a page and wants it to grow, regardless of it being personal or a business, I’ve always enjoyed aiding them in creating an aesthetically pleasing profile in order to generate organic growth.

Our Services

I have built two personal brands of my own, which altogether, have a following of 300,000 people

I have a good eye for creating pages which are fun, modern and on brand with the business/person it corresponds to.

My social network and own pages are a prime example of my strategy knowledge and extensive creative input, so I feel it’s imperative that I share this with others to help those who may be struggling in a world which is now a necessity, no matter what field or industry you may be in.